"What your heart en soul feel is pure. Is does not lie. It is not judging. It does not cover up. It is just, naked en knows no grace. Learn to feel it. Learn listening to it. Learn to understand it. It will show you your own reality, your true self."

"You cannot dream if you're surviving." 

"Ego says; if everything falls in place i will find peace. Soul says; Find peace and everything will fall into place." 

"Between past and future lies one point that counts, but were we seldom reside."

"Feelings can tell you more than your brain can ever put into words." 

"If you listen to your feelings, you're listening to yourself." 

"How can it be that we can give a child, a cat or a dog love, warmth and comfort? That we can give to others, man and beast, what we can't give to ourselfs, even though we are desperatly longing for it?"  

"Feeling yourself is feeling the universe."

"In the silence of being alone you can sense that you are very close to yourself."

"The Universe has only one strive and that is to let us learn what we need to learn. It offers us the freedom of choice and it offers us space and time. Even if it seems that time runs out, if a disease is about to take your life, you'll still have the time to learn why you are ill. You see, no one has ever been diagnosed with cancer in that one organ. That organ that just does what it does. It does not ask questions and it does not complain. It is that lovely organ that only concedes when your time really has come. It is that precious organ of love and life. Your heart."  

"No matter if you're going left or right, you're always going straight ahead."