The origin of everything 


Homo Sapien                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Twenty million years ago every form of life as we know it today began their own journey. At that time life was mainly surviving. Surviving is what life drives. In every corner of this planet, in every corner of the universe, surviving is the main energy. Even giving up a life is surviving. Humans do not differ. Because we are animals. We do not differ from a monkey, a rhino or a snake. We are just a different form of life, but we behave as any other creature. Twenty million years ago we fought wildlife and the weather conditions. Seaking shelter in a cave when rain, hail, thunder and lighting were a threat. Fleeing when an animal bigger than us wanted us for dinner. In our strive to survive humans used three strategies: Freezing like a deer in the headlights. If i don't move they can't see me. Why? Because in those days every form of life had a black and white vision. Just like the silent movies with Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton. When you observe the world in black and white and shades of grey, your vision lacks depth. Shades of grey has the tendency to blend. Light grey over light grey is hardly visible, even if the tones might differ to some level. That is one of the reasons why we still sleep at night. Darkness doesn't reveal grey in any shade, and besides, you can only catch a prey when you see it. That lead us to the conclusion that if we can't see prey in the dark, than it is almost a certain that wildlife can't see us either, wich meant that nighttime was most save to sleep. Fighting if the chance that you could win was more than certain and fleeing if it the odds were against you. Reproduction was, and basically is, a form of surviving. As long as you produce new generations the existence of your specie, weather you're a human or snail or a flower will be guaranteed. It's just a matter getting old enough, read: survive, to breed, and to help the young getting mature enough to breed on their own. Passing on what you were thought, what you learned and be asured that there will be generations to come, when your time has come.    




A human perceives the world around him with all of his senses. Eyes, ears, smell, taste and feelings. He feels with his skin and his body. Except his head and neck. The nerval system runs all through the body, in your shoulders, your breast, your hips, knees and even in your little toe, every second of the day. That's a lot of data to process. It's the key reason why we are out of balance, afraid and in pain. In the days of the cavemen and the apemen scanning the world around him was all a human did. All of his senses were used. To scan a possible threat before it could do harm. Do you laugh when a dog is afraid of a sketchy looking bag? When humans were still cavemen and they would've found a sketchy looking bag, they would've been scared for it too. Because they were animals, just like your dog is. But why are we afraid? Humans are afraid of what he doesn't know or doesn't understand. Guess what? If a human scans the world around him, to protect himself, it will cause a massive amound of incoming data, and most of it remains unknown or not understood. Of course, what his eyes see is clear, it is what it is and nothing else. But if a human doesn't know what it is, it will scare him. Until proven otherwise. Just like a dog with a sketchy bag. Closing in with caution, snooping and observing, and if it has no teeth or sharp claws it's save. Than a dog will piss on it to move on. Nowadays we encounter a new form of threat that scares us; emotions. How to cope with that if you only have three stategies? Freezing doesn't help much, fleeing won't do a thing and how to fight what lives inside you? That's the ground problem of all problems. Feelings are still a blur for humans, it remains unknown and thus not understood. But it can be done.       




Humans are animals, just like any other mamal. Our ground being is that of an animal. Our ground being is nature, no more than any life form on this beautiful planet. Like ants, like bees, like rhinos and turtles. We do what we do as nature tells us. We keep save, we keep alive and we make sure that we produce generation after generation. We make sure that our specie lives on, like any other creature, even though our life has ended and we are long gone to be a part of it. As an animal we are like working ants, like working bees. We don't think why, we just do. We provide a life, we cook, we clean and we do what is necessary to live, to be comfortable and to be save. But most of all we do what we are learned to do.    Basically we learn from life. From our parents, our siblings and our friends. That means that we copy behavior. We tend to love what others love, wich can be football, music, art, but also hanging out with friends and consume alcohol. That is okay, but it gives means to work in a herd, and it is that what animals do. Living in herds. Mostly with a leader, wich is usually the one who knows his way with words. Not like a drill instructor, per say, it can be a humorist just the same. Michael Jackson, the king of pop, was a leader in his own way. He gaves us hope and courage to search for a better life. He made us dream. Leaders have many faces. Political leaders, religious leaders, leaders that have what it takes to worship, like movie stars, sport stars, even your mom or dad can be leaders and have been when you were young. Being a leader you have to obey to basic rules, besides being the strongest: man over woman and old over young. So, if you're a shy girl it won't be likely that you're gonna make the cut. But if you're a woman and happen to be the oldest of the herd, you will be the leader. Because, old age is to respected. Always.  




Humans have the same learning ability as any other animal. Dogs can be thaught to fetch a ball. So can humans. We learn to throw a ball and to catch it when it's thrown back. We learn by doing and by observing what we do, what works and does not work. It is what we're good at, because hunting for prey was a learning process for caveman that followed the same principal. You try and if it doesn't work you try something differend or improve what worked in principal, but not efficient or fast enough. That's how humans have invented cars, planes, laptops, plastic, glass, making wine, dams and many more. But the ability is an out going energy. It works with our ability to detect what is. That's why others seem to know how to solve your problems, what is wrong with you. They detect what is sensitive to you, but not for them. The solution they hand you may be right, it may be wrong, but it is the outcome of detecting what is. How else is it to detect your own imperfections? It is detecting what is, but the energy has to go in the opposite direction. And that is not what we're good at. In fact we have never learned to do that. As explained, our ground being in live is surviving and we only use our abilities to achieve that. Detecting away from us, because that's were danger lurks, that's were our next meal is running through the woods, and is all we need to know. Surviving is not served knowing that one is shy, that one is jealous, scared or simply an a'hole, let alone why one is sad or angry. You need to eat, to find shelter and if you have to be an a'hole to achieve those goals, so be it. 



The ego is the thinking and behavior of our animalistic essence. It is what keeps us save and healthy. It is what drives us in competition. It is what makes us think, the jitterbox inside our head, pondering over problems until it drives you mad. It is what makes you go to the gym. It is what tells you to stop doing push ups, what means that if you (ego) wants to do five more repetitions, the ego is fighting itself. It is what gives you a hard time to look honest and modest to yourself. It is what cannot accept that you are not flawless and imperfect. But why? Because not being flawless or imperfect is not an option if you need to catch prey for dinner. It is not an option if you wanna be a worthy member of your herd. You don't want to be cast out. It is dangerous out there, wildlife is lurking, you might not survive on your own. It hasn't changed. No one wants to lose their job or wants to lose a fight. Flaws, however, became more noticeable. A stutter, a bald head, cerebral palsy .. cancer. It shows in a profound way that one has an imperfection. That is why we cannot face our imperfections, our mishaps. That is why we deny them. That is why we cannot cope with emotions. Sadness, anger, rejection, humiliation, betrayal, it all feels bad, uncomfortable. like an imperfection. We want to flee them, into a made up reality like being divine or a higher being or self with other given values, or we ignore them, making us ignorant. We blame everything that saves us from having to be responsible for our own being. Other people, the subcounciouss mind, the mind, the nervus vagus - the tenth nerve in the brain - the reptilian mind and more. But if we really wanna get a grip on our emotions, our fears and our ego, facing what is living inside us. Honest, caring and loving - yourself, not others - is the only way.   




Now that we know that a human is solely scanning for danger or a possible threat and what his strategies are to fight of eliminate it, we can also understand that one can fight what is physical in front of us a lot more easy than what is not visual. Like emotions, The very thing that is living inside of us. Our warning system. Now you may understand what it does to a human when his body is warning him for something that is not out there. It is not a ferocious animal. It is not a heavy rainstorm. It is batrayal or rejection. Or humiliation. It is warning the human. But to do what? Does he have to hide or to seek shelter? Does he have to run? Does he need to freeze? Sometimes one would wish that life came wit a manual. How we came to deal with the warning signs of our body can be seen in every day life. We yell at the person who betrayed us. If that doesn't free us from the pain, we get violent. All the way to homocide. And even suicide. We fight it with heavy drinking. With drugs. With casual sex. We try to deny it, prentend it is not there. But there is one feeling that controls all. It is not even a warning signal. The red flag has already been woven before that one emotion kicks in, and it doesn't take long. It tells us that things could go wrong bad. It tells us that if we don't take action now, it might me to late. It is that one sensation that influences every choice and every decision. Fear. It can make us causious, but it can make us also brave. As if we found a way to fight the danger inside us. But what do we really fear when we conquered our fear of heights? Is fearing bacteria the danger we feel inside? I'll leave that answer up to you. But note that fear has many faces. You might be surprised if you knew what behavior can be born out of fear. It has an effect on us like nothing else can, and respresents a danger that is way more threatning to us than a white shark with sharp and shiny white teeth at one end.   




Humans cannot feel. Come again? Humans cannot feel. We do have the ability, but we don't know how the mechanism works. We never learned how to use it. We don't know which part of the body we have to use. We have no idea what possibilities it posseses. We tend to believe that pain and fear are concepts. Like an app on your computer. We tend to believe that emotions are generated in the brain. We tend to believe that our thoughts are creating feelings. Feeling happens with the body. Everything below your neck has the wiring, the nerval system to feel. Your head and neck are not wired. Why? Because feelings are a vast amount of data that is send up to the brain to process. Feelings are the result of what you see, hear, smell and taste. That data needs processing. It needs to be understood by you. To do that you need a processor that stands apart. That can take in that vast amount of data without being a part of it. As explained in chapters above we use feelings to scan the world around us. To be aware of threat and danger before it can harm us. But feelings are so much more. Of course pain hurts, fear hurts in a differend way and emotions are complicated. But what if you could feel the energy around you? If you could feel what it has to say? Feelings are wonderful. You can feel yourself in a profound way. You can feel the energy around you and so much more. You don't believe me? You don't believe that feeling happens with the body? But you feel hunger in your stomach, don't you? You feel the craving of love making in your .. you know what, is it not? Aren't those sensations in your body? Why would it be differend when it comes to feelings and emotions? Why is it that emotions must be in the brain? Yes, it can help you understand it. Because it has no part in it. Because the mayhem is somewhere els in the body. Is judging the nature and the direction of a hurricane not easier when you can observe it from a distance than when your standing in the middle of all the chaos? That is why all our thoughts is driving us nuts. That is why the jitterbug in our heads won't shut up. Because we tend to believe that pain and fear are in our heads. Because the hurricane is raging in our heads. We don't allow ourselfs to keep distance. We never did learn how to keep thoughts and feelings seperate. Because humans cannot feel.  




Feeling has another side to it. It's what you sense and respond to even though you don't know what it is. It's that feeling that creeps up on you and lets you react as if it's certain what it is even though you can't explain why it is that certain. What's aware to you at those moments is what is aware to you when you feel rejected, betrayed or when you feel jealous. Your reaction to it is instinctive. It's the animal, the mamal, the primate that you are that is reacting. It's what's making your dog stands still in a sudden when he senses something and prepares himself to take action if it's getting to close or to dangerous. Because a dog is an animal, an mamal, a primate. Just like you. Instinctive feeling is the same mechanism as feeling emotions, pain, fear. It's what your body senses like a satellite disc. Because it is wired with nerves. As explained above man uses his instincts to sense threat or danger. Rejection, humiliation, betrayal, jealousy, frustration, hate, grudge and fear is what we sense in the same way as we sense danger or threat. That's why it is the same to us. That's how we deal with it. We wanna fight it, run from it or we freeze, hoping that it'll leave us alone and unharmed. Today our instincts, intuition or feminin intuition are no longer a warning mechanisms. Because it's useless to scan the world around you for threat and danger that lives inside you. It makes you search for answers and solutions outside yourself. You're looking for reasons why you expect to find it. Outside yourself. Away from yourself. That's the mechanism of an animal, a mamal, a primate. It's not because we don't know. We have a conceptual understanding of pain and fear, of rejection and hate, but what we don't know is how to find it in ourselfs. How to deal with it once we've found it. Or better: how to nurture ourselfs when pain and fear are present.   




Feeling is a great way to perceive the reality you live in. At least it tells you when to be cautious. But does it mean that danger has gone? That it has no longer the ability to harm you? In chapters above you have learned that you percieve pain and fear as a threat or danger. Does that mean it ends there? Unfortunatly not. One of our strategies to overcome danger is to freeze. Fact is that you don't even need to freeze. Not as an act in itself. As if you thought it over, going through your options, to come to a decision. You don't have to, because your body will do it for you. It will strain itself llike a full stretcht rubber band. No problem, you might think. Just relax and everything will be okay. That is the problem. Your body is not capable of relaxing from what appeared to be danger. It stays like a full stretcht rubber band. Every cell in your body is tensed and clenched beyond believe. It is as if it is still waiting for the danger to go away. But it is inside you. You have to release it. Why? Because it can lead to a lot of problems if you don't. Problems like every form of Cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson's disease, Rheumatism, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Huntington's disease, Crohn's disease, Colitis Ulcerosa, Ehlers Danlos disease, COPD and more. Those who think that tobacco, alcohol, drugs, asbestos and 4G or 5G radiation causes Cancer: that is NOT the fact. It will weaken your cell tissue, thus increasing the chance of contracting any of the forementioned diseases. But it does not cause the disease. It is all caused by pain, fear, ego, the illusions one thends to believe and everything els that can lead to stress and tension. Because it influences every cell in your body. Diseases are just waiting for cells to go weak. Weak enough to launche an attack.   




The origin of humans remains a big question. Even today. My theory began by looking at the common theories. One states that humans are an evolutionairy product. That we are somehow cousins of the apes, especially gorillas. That left me with questions. Because it is clear that apes and humans do resemble, but still, our ears differ, our arms are shorter and our legs longer. We have less hair and overall there are differences in the design. To many to be some sort of offspring from gorillas. Another theory involves Adam and Eve. Plausible in principle. But again a question came to mind. A big question. You see, even if Adam would have been Afro American and Eve caucasion, it would by no means explain how man came up with five differend races. It cannot illustrate the exitence of Native Americans and Asians. Then there are theories that states that cells may have been the starting point. Single cells that somehow became multiple cellulair organisms, forming life forms wich kept changing until it looked like us. It went from water creatures to rodents, back to water creatures and eventually working its way up to bigger life forms that could live on land. My theory however starts with the extinction of the prehistoric animals. Because the cell theory never accounted for those giant and collosal beasts. It would have been a giant leap going from a single cell to a Dinosaur. So my starting point was the world that Dinosaurs and his prehistoric friends left behind. Destroid at first, but over time it blossomed. Green everywere. Exept deserts. It was somehow a given to me that life forms must have been created out something green and that the procedure must have been equal to all life forms. That meant i had to find an explanation that would account fore life forms on land, in the air and in water. The only thing i could think of, considering the sizes of every single creature on this planet, were plants, and the more i thaught about the more logic it got. Humans and all other life forms were once plants, Or to be more exact: all life forms were once a member of the wildly spread and various family of the finger plant.      


Creating species.


Life is energy. Everything is governed by energy. Energy that does not need an explanation. Energy that does not need a brain. You only have to feel it in order to understand it. Even a plant can do it. It's that feeling of passion. The feeling that makes you aware what to do even if you do not understand what feels so good about it. You simply know that it's okay. 160 billion years ago finger plants felt it. Not all of them. Just the ones with the biggest strive to survive. Plants on a spot with a lack of sun or near trees, absorbing most the food in the ground. Those are plants that will have more eager to survive. They felt the energy and the were eager. Eager enough to explore different ways. Ways to move freely and independent. Ways to explore life. To experience life. So they began to grow .. forward. Inch by inch. Passing it on to the next generation, so they grew forward inch by inch. It took 120 billion years and even more generations, but eventually four of the biggest branches touched the ground, rooted into the ground, so the main stem could die. The plant than started to move. The rear two of the four branches rooting and the front two crawling forward, followed by the front branches rooting and the rear branches crawling forward. Again inch by inch. Like a turtle, alternating between front and rear feet and not one of each. This phase took several generations, but it eventually lead the plants to large fungi. About as high as a tree and full of proteins (meat, not egg-white). It became food for the plants and the needed building blocks for a transformation. Within millions of years the plants became the organisms that are still occupying our planet. Fish of all sorts. Birds big and small. Mamals in any size and even miore shapes. Primates like apes and .. humans. Every organism on this planet has the same origin. However, smaller organisms could emerge in a shorter period of time, wich means that creatures like fleas and butterflies were among the first on planet earth   




Did your dog ever convince you that he knows who he is, what he is or that he has an identity? Did you ever asked yourself why your intelligence exceeds that of your dog? Of why humans differ from any animal when it comes to the degree of self-awareness or intelligence? The reason that humans differ is because only humans do possess a soul. The soul is connected strongly with us. Everywhere in our body. In your muscles, your colon, your brain, your little toe. There is two volts kinetic energy or static your entire body. Induced by moving in the air around you and induced by whatever moves inside you. Blood rushing through your vains, muscles contracting, lungs inhaling and exhaling, your heart beating. That soft and kind energy is called soul. It was created on a spot somewhere in the vast space of the universe, somewhere between the stars. When the creation of all the planets was completed there was still a turbulence in outer space. Air got boxed in between other layers. In the same way layers got boxed when planets were created, but much softer, gentle.It caused friction, creating a thin boundry of kinetic energy or static electricity with a higher density around the boxed in layer of air. That  layer of two volt kinetic energy of static electricity was loaded with elements and those determin who you are in every way. Your character, your intellect, your talents and every quirk and quibbles that makes you you. Incarnation may seem complex, but when you walk or when you ride your bycicle, you can feel the wind passing you by. Every moment you move, you make contact with the energy all around you, the wind, the air. It creates friction, soft and kind. That is how a soul enters a body. That is how incarnation happens. Note that when air is moving friction is also created. So, if you were pondering how a soul can leave a diceased and not moving body? The moving of air can be provided by others. Or by the breeze of a soft and soothing wind.      


The Universe.


The vast space of the universe is what it is: space. Dark when there is no light and still dark for its majority with light. Light can only ray as far as its power reaches. Light a candle in a dark room and you will see that only the close surrounding of the candle is visual. The rest of the room is as dark as it was before you lit the candle. The sun therefore can only ray within the limits of its power. 14 billion years ago that vast and still dark space contained hydrogen gas and molecules. The hydrogen gas was either cold and wet (-5C) or dry and warm (+5C). The molecules were, and still are, a mere 5 mm in size, but were containing the properties of 15 elements: iron, tin, nickel, steel, magnesium, lithium, iridium, titanium, cobalt, graphite, chalk, zirconium, earth, salt and water. Containing properties means that it does not look like its element. It means that it has the property to become that element, when exposed to the right amount of heat and pressure. Just like ingredients you use to make a pie. They don't look like a pie, but mixed, shaped and exposed to heat and pressure in your oven it will turn into a pie. 14 billion years ago a layer of cold and wet air (-5C) got boxed in between mutiple layers of warm and hot air (+5C). Like clouds do when a thunderstorm is forming. It created an enormous pressure, resulting in extreem heat. Warm and dry heat in the warm and dry layers of air surrounding the cold and wet layer, giving means to bake molecules together. Soldering heat within the brink between the hot and dry layers of air and the one cold and wet layer, geving means to solder molecules together, and cold and wet circumstances in the cold and wet layer of air to cool the molecules down fast. These forces helped creating twelve planets. Pluto, Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Moon, Earth and ... our Sun.  



The sun.


The sun started as a planet. Just like the one we're living on. But it came with ten features. The features are all the same, so i will explain by just one how the sun became a the source of light that it is. On ten locations, evenly distributed over the sun, there two cave like chambers. In fact not much differend than your livingroom and kitchen might be their neighbours. The cave like chambers were obviously much bigger. In between both chambers was a wall with a large crack at the 85 percent marker, measured from the bottom of the chambers. The right chamber was filled with pure earthgas. Not jammed, but up till about 25 percent. The left chamber was also filled with pure earthgas, but up till about 75 percent. Indeed just below the crack. In the bottom of the left chamber was another crack, bigger than the one in the wall separating the chambers. Earthgas has it's own property, as every gas has: it wants to expand. It's as if it wants to excape. The burden on the crack in the bottom of the left chamber was to much to handle. It got bigger and earthgas went on its way to the surface of the sun. There it met hydrogen. Hydrogen is basically water, but it contains about 25 percent oxygen and if you mix earthgas with oxygen, earthgas becomes extremely light. So light that it wants to go up. It will move fast, like a rocket. The earthgas from the left chamber, that had reached the surface of the sun and got mixed with oxygen, rushed back into the crack, into the chamber, untill it slammed against the ceiling of the left chamber. The lightning speed created suction in the right chamber through the crack in the wall between the chambers. The suction was so gigantic that the earthgas in the right chamber got pulled up with a brutal force. Knowing that earthgas wants to expand, the gas in the right chamber has no other wish than any other gas. It expans until it's squeezed tight against the walls of the chamber, and the walls were raw. The earthgas in the right chamber caught fire and exploded. It was like striking a match. The oxygen enriched earthgas in the left chamber explode a second later. The sun became a firy ball of burning gas en melting metals and minerals due to ten gigantic explotions with one minute intervals. When wood is burned it leaves ashes. When earthgas is burned it doesn't leave any residue .. it creates new earthgas, on and on and on and on .. forever. Due to the ten gigantic explotions, half of the sun was blasted in outer space in every direction. If you wonder what happened to all that garbage .. it's what you see in the sky on clear, dark night ... stars.   





In the previous chapter i explained how the sun became a firy ball of light and how half of its original size was blasted in outer space. Boulders in numerous sizes were rocketing all over the place. Some collided with planets. In fact: every planet got hit five times. Even planet earth. Earth did  not host life yet. It was as dry an dusty as the moon still is. The first boulder hit Greenland. It made planet earth tilt. From the suns perception the north pole moved out of sight and the south pole became more visual. Or to be more precise: it moved Afrika and South America in the line of a bouldering fire. The second boulder hit Arizona. The third boulder hit Peru and the fourth boulder hit Mexico. It was the first major push that made planet earth orbiting in outer space. The fifth boulder was an additional push for just a little extra velocity. The boulder hit Australia. Down under had not become down under yet. Australia and Afrika were still neighbors. Every planet was send into an everlasting orbital journey in the same way as our planet. Now, if you wonder how gigantic planets got pushed into orbit seemingly effortless, the answer is simple: there is no gravity in the vast space of the universe. No matter how big an object in space may be, it weighs nothing, nada, zilch. It has its mass, its size and its own density. but without gravity it has no weight. So, it doesn't take a big push to send a planet into an orbital journey. Big is relative, of course. It left marks on planet earth. It got damaged. It's still a planet that had to be moved. Like i've mentioned before: it has mass, size and density. Mecury is less dense, even less than Pluto. Even though less dense and lighter, it took five hits of five boulders, like every other planet. That's why it has an odd way of orbiting. As if Mercury were drunk. The majority of the boulders did not hit anything. They all wandered off into the infinite space and they will eventually no longer be visual. Planets and the sun are travelling their own course. The planets and a large number of stars are all moving in a clockwise motion. Our sun and smaller portion of the stars are moving counter clockwise. The sun was send into a slower orbit by an enormous energy that was released when the boulders made impact with various planets. As i explained earlier: i didn't take a big push. Not even for a planet as big as the sun.     




Now that we have light, planet earth is almost ready to host life. It only needs air pressure and water. With planet earth rotating around its own axle and orbiting in space, the existence of air pressure is inevitable. Rotating and orbiting creates friction. Space contains hydrogen. It contains about 75 percent water and only 25 percent oxygen. Oxygen is extactly opposite. That means that hydrogen is more heavy. All gasses own one particularly property: expansion. Weather it's hydrogen, oxygen or earthgas, they all want to expand. Hydrogen pushed down and oxygen pushed up wile planet earth was rotating and orbiting. It's like pushing your hands tightly together and rub them at the same time. In space it created a boundry of high and intens kinetic energy or static electricity. If you look at pictures from planet earth, taken from outer space, you can see a thin blue line, surrounding planet earth like ball of glass. That is our atmosphere. It protects us from incoming bodies, because everything is charged electricly. Everything is charged with two volts. Except the thin blue line surrounding planet earth. That's why bodies will bounce off. Like you will pull your hand back when you feel an electric charge. Oxigen got trapped in that ball of glass, creating air pressure. Att he same time an event took place in centre of planet earth. An explosion, simular to the explosion that made the sun our main source of light, lit a fire in the core of planet earth. The temperature of planet earth rose to about plus five degrees celsius. At that time planet earth was covered in clouds. All around and ten kilometers thick. Clouds are made up of fluffy snow. Like cotton candy. Air is not a continuous mass. It has bubbles and layers. All with the desire to expand. Even towards each other. When fluffy clouds gets trapped in between layers or bubbles of air, the snow will be pressed thight, making the snow less fluffy, but more dense. Up to the point were clouds are getting to heavy. To heavy to keep it all in the air. That's the moment it will begin to snow, but because the temperatures are to high on the way down, the snow will melt. The thick clouds surrounding planet earth got very heavy and in an non stop motion of raining, water vaporising back into the clouds and thus creating even more rain, it rained for 10.000 years. It emptied most of the clouds, leaving an ecologic system in wich trees, bushes, grasses, plants and flowers could flourish. Due to the thousands of years of rain oceans were formed, lakes and rivers came to be. Nature had come to life. 





Planet earth is now hosting fauna. Most of it is connected solid to planet earth, but not all of it. Grains of any kind of sand or clay and drops of pure water, are not connected to planet earth. Same can be said about living organism, even though not present in this stage. It begs a question in creating that one force that would keep living organism stuck to our planet earth. In such a way that it would keep living organisms on planet earth, but allowing them to move freely inspite of the force. In early chapters we learned that air has the desire to expand. It is the main reason that makes air to press and that creates movement, like a blowing wind. In the absence of that new force an object, say a ball, will maintain more or less the altitude it basically has. Air is pressing ever so mildly from all sides. An object is squeezed in by air and its mild pressure. It can't go up or down, left or right and back or forth. An air sack, a part of space within our atmosfere that has a low amount of air, can move an object a bit higher or lower. It happens to an airplane, so why not to any random object? Warm air has the desire to rise. That can also lift an object. But up is not what we want. We want to stay on this planet. We need a force that can move an object downwards. That force is magnetism. Air pushes an object down and it pushes it up, therfore maintaining its altitude. Magnetism pulls the object down just as mildly as air is pushing. The air that is pushing an object up, is now facing two forces: air that pushes an object down and magnetism pulling it down. The air pushing an object up can't fight two forces. It can't increase its own power. So it has to give in and the object will fall. Mass plays no role in gravity, because any object will fall down due to gravity. It has no preference. Big or small, a grain of sand or an elephant, every weight and size will fall down. Unless it has a nice set of wings. There is, however, one clause (i could hear you think before you even started). But doesn't a heavy object hit the surface of planet earth at the exact same moment as a light object when they are released simultaneously? Yess, they do. A heavy object is heavy due to its high density. Dense means that molecules are very close to each other. LIke an elevator jam packed with people. Know how difficult it is to work your wat through a crowd like that. Kinetic energy or static electricity has the same problem. It doesn't get into a dense and heavy object. Or to say in this way: an dense and heavy object lacks the capacity of absorbing kinetic energy or static electricity. It will contract a small amount of kinetic energy or static electricity, just enough to start falling, but a dense and heavy object will mainly fall due to its weight. A light object is more open and less dense. It can absorb kinetic enrgy or static electricity and will fall mainly because magnetism is pulling harder. The wonder of nature, or need i say the universe, has created a force that is so fine tuned that it can erase the difference in density of any two objects.          





The universe, our planet and life on planet earth are governed by four energies. They provide everything. They create everything and they see to it that everything has an order and a purpose. The first energy is the energy of ego. It's a brutal force that gets tnings done. The second energy is the energy of abundance. It makes sure that everything is in stock to create. The third energy is the energy of child. It creates, with no limits and no restrictions. The fourth energy is the energy of honesty. To explain how they all work harmoniously i'll use building a house as a metafore. First that is needed is a plan, a design. That's the work of an architect, in this case the child energy. But a house has some specifics. You want it to be comfy, but also user friendly. You don't want to walk in your kitchen with dripping hands, because the towel is given an awkward spot. If you still in the stage of designing these can be prevented and that's were the honesty energy sees to it that all problems are fixed before they can get a big problem. When the design is final, you need workers, tools and energy, such as electricity, but also the energy workers need to swing a hammer or to opperate a drill. The energy is provided by the ego energy, but it doesn't care how much you need. It's like a dog full of energy that needs to be released. If you would do that without any control it will become destructive. The energy of honesty (responsibility) will take care of that, as it will take care of the abundance of materials. You need wood, bricks, glass and many more materials to build a house, but to much of it is nothing but pure waste. The energy of honesty is the most important of all energies, but it can't do it without the others. It's strict but just, wich means that it has the tendency not to chose for the individual, but for the benefit of the majority, so we all can have the advantage. That doesn't mean that you can't have wishes, or that the energy is not willing to listen. It will listen. But it will deside what, when and how. What you can do is sending your wishes with the energy of pure and undeniable honesty to the universe. Then let it go. Don't make it an actual target. Do what you honestly feel you should do, no matter how small or how far fetched it may seem, to make your wishes come true. Be patient (big wishes need time) and be surprised.  




Even though we live with many uncertanties, some things are certain. Like day and night and the four seasons. Every year we face cold winters, blossoming springs, warm summers and colourfull autumns. It is given to us by our universes own perpatual mobile. As i've explained in chapters above, the planets were once set on an orbital journey, and to this day the planets are still orbiting. Not one has come to a halt. Even stars are in an everlasting motion. Some stars in their own orbit, some just drifting of in the vast space of the universe. For the four seasons we only need to focus on planet earth and the sun. Planet earth was first send on an lasting orbital journey. The sun later, slower and counter clock wise. It means that planet earth and sun passing each other like cars on a public road driving in opposite directions. Those passings are the marks of a brand new season. Just because planet earth and the sun are passing each other relatively close. But if the sun is on a fairly close distance to planet earth in both winter and summer, how come it is cold in the winter and warm, if not hot, in the summer? In the summer planet earth is facing direct sunlight, creating high air pressure, like a full balloon. The total amount of global air is trapped within our atmosphere. Air pressure cannot exist if air is not trapped. It has to be in a confined space. High pressure creates high temperatures were it is summer, say Australia. At the same time Europe is dealing with an icy cold winter. But there is also air pressure? Air has no wish to change its behavior. But it can compress if it experience a higher counter pressure. A full balloon gets smaller over time, even though the air inside can't excape. The pressure around a balloon is stronger. The air inside a balloon will be compressed, pushed together. A peanut size amount of air has virtually no limit . It can expand limitless, but it can also be compressed to the size of a peanut. The amount of air on planet earth doesn't equal the size of a peanut. It equals more than that. But in Australia, during summertime, the pressure is way higher than in Europe during wintertime, thus compressing the air in Europe to a level that is not allowing high temperatures. In conclusion: the more air is compressed the colder it will be.