Energy, Existence and Emotions.  


For centuries humans are on a quest to find answers. Big questions are haunting us, questions about the universe, about planets, about living organisms and questions about our own being. I do not claim to have the answers, but i do have my own feelings about these questions. Bringing them forward and sharing them with you, may give a new view on life, on the reality in wich we all live. It's up to you if my feelings could be real or even valid. One thing is certain: there is an explanation for our exitence and all there is, Do we know it? Is science right? Is a theory out there, still unknown to us, discribing what we're all looking for? I don't know. I only know what my body made me feel and it feels like i am home.    



Did you ever realise that organisms, objects and even oxygen have one thing in common? They all need space in order to be. An organism, an object and even oxygen, they all have mass and size. That requires space. Matter cannot exist without space. You cannot exist if there was not enough space. So, you wonder. There is enough,space, expecially in an infinite universe. Correct, but even a speck of dust needs it. The point that i am making is, is that size does not matter. No matter how big or how tiny, it needs space. Now this all seems obvious when it comes to objects, vast like a cruise ship and small like a button. But it even applies to matter that is no bigger than half of a millimetre: molecules, and molecules were the only matter in space before planets were created. Within the size of the universe, planets are not bigger than pinheads (if seen from a far distant). To us they seem big and vast, lots of matter, none the less created with molecules. That means that space once gave existence to matter and mass in a different manner. I did not gave room for one big object, like a planet, it gave space to lots of tiny specks of matter, molecules. But if the building blocks that would make up planets are that small you still need an infinite space to have enough of those tiny molecules, or at least to be sure you have enough, because if infinite would not do it, and infinite is as vast as it gets, than what size would be able to supply enough molecules and thus matter?  


The onset. 

Do molecules float around in outer space? No, they do not. They can be found in hydrogen and oxygen. Even though they both come in the form of a gas, hydrogen is 75 percent water and 25 percent oxygen. Oxygen is the exact opposite. Therefore hydrogen carried most of the matter that makes up planets. Hydrogen and Oxygen were evenly distributed in all of space, but the centre of the universe had the same dynamic as an intersection.that connects five or six raods: it is gonna be busy. Because cars can only follow their journey through that intersection. Oxygen and hydrogen were bound to come together in the centre of the universe. The centre connects everything around it, the centre of the universe had its own share of hydrogen and oxygen and more was coming from all sides, left, rigt, front, rear, above and below. But how did they move? Oxygen has the desire to fill space with oxygen. Inifite, however, could not be conquered by oxygen. It had and still has its limits. But it was trying in an never ending attempt, expanding as far as it could, creating pressure that gave hydrogen a push, that bounced with other oxygen and kept doing its best, just like other oxygen, thus gave rise to a coming together of one layer of hydrogen and multiple layers of oxygen, all around that one wet layer of hydrogen. The coming together happened on six locations, all in the centre of the universe. The one layer hydrogen and the many layers oxygen started to spin, creating electrical energy, kinetic energy and static electricty (they're all the same) for the first time ever. The dense and fierce energy shaped into a spehere. Layers of oxygen on the outside of the spehere rubbed and brushed against layers of hydrogen surrounding the sphere, wich formed the high dense sphere of electric energy. The same event can be seen when a thunderstorm is formed in hot and dry oxygen that ends a heatwave .. yes ... lightning. Within the sphere a second spin came into motion, causing more electrical energy and subsequential baking heat and air pressure: a microwave extraordinary. That is how matter was formed and planets were created.    


The purpose. 

In some way the purpose of a planet is obvious. Planet earth hosts life and the sun gives us light. But that is like an open door. The fact that planet earth hosts life is not only meant, but unreal if the other planets did not have a purpose. In her original position, before planets were set in motion, the moon was blocking incoming bodies that could have hit planet earth. Planet A, B and C. aswell as the moon, are rotating around their own axle and are orbiting in outer space, thus creating electrical energy, making that energy more dense around planet earth. It helped out to form a sphere around planet earth, a sphere of electrical energy, known as atmosphere. It is situated a measured 500 kilometres (310 miles) in the sky, above us, and has a width of a measured 50 kliometres (31 miles). A basic pressure of air was formed within our atmosphere. Within that pressure of air a multitude of air pressures can arise to give space various types of weather, like sunshine, rain and frost. The atmosphere keeps oxygen within a restricted amount of space, but oxygen wants to expand and fill that space with oxygen. That is the basic pressure of air in between the soil of planet earth and the atmosphere. The moon has a third purpose; it shows us what planets A. B and C look like. As the moon, planets A, B and C are dry and dusty, due to their atmosphere. Hydrogen vaporized, leaving only oxygen, high pressures and heat. Just like what man came to know as a heatwave, but on the moon and on planet A, B and C their heatwaves is ongoing. Last fun fact: once in every 5 years our sun cannot be seen. You all know what that event is: a solar eclipse. But not caused by the moon. How can she? We can see the sun at daylight, but te moon during the night. A solar eclipse happens during the day. It has to be. How else would you see the sun being darkened? Not at night. The sun is never visual at night. So it has to be during daytime. The moon is only visual at night. That means that the moon should always be on the opposite side of planet earth, facing the sun. So how does the moon get on the same side as the sun to darken the latter, and how does it move back to reappear on the opposite side the following night, all between dawn and sunset? Well .. not. Planet C is causing solar eclipses. 



Maybe you have noticed it, even wondered about it. If you turn on the lights for a quiet evening, reading a book or watching tv, you allways need to turn on about four lights to illuminate the living room. If you would turn on only one light in, lets say, the left far corner, it will remain dark or dim in the remaining three corners. Light is simply not that powerful. So, how would you light up an endless universe. It would require a light source of immeasurable size, about 40 percent of the universe. Or it would take a multitude of light sources of a smaller size, like our sun. Does that mean that the sun is not lighting up the entire universe? No, not even close. But how does the sun give light? At first, after completion, the sun looked identical to the moon, dry and dusty. But that changed soon. No time could be wasted. Planets had to move to complete the circumstances that enabled planet earth to host life. The following happened on multiple location, but i am gonna discribe the events on one location. A cave deep in the sun was filled with gas, up to 75 percent. Like oxygen that gas felt the need to expand. A crack in the bottom of the cave hindered the gas in its attempt to fill the cave. The crack had to be filled first, but it reached all the way to the surface of the sun (still a planet). Hydrogen got pushed aside on the outside of the sun by oxygen. Oxygen and the gas met and the gas became light. Due to the loss of weight the gas rushed back into the sun, back into the cave, scraping along the rough walls of the cage, thus bursting into a massive explosion. In that manner the sun lit up to a ball of burning earthgas. The ball itself is made up various metals, such as iron, steel and titanium. In essence, burning gas and melting metals makes the sun not much differend than a blacksmith fire. Due to the explosions, half of the sun was blasted in outer space, in all directions, hitting every planet, including planet earth. That is why planets are orbiting. There is no gravity in space. Planets only needed a push to be send into their everlasting journey. Planet earth got five pushes, thanks to the moon, who blocked more possible impacts: one in Greenland, one in Arizona, one in Mexico, one in Peru and the final push found land in Austrailia. Planet earth did not tilt due to the push in Greenland. The sun got moving due to recoil of the impacts that happened on planet earth, the moon and planets A, B and C. Planet A and B were located higher than planet earth, the moon and planet C. The recoil form A and B made the sun move in a descending orbit. up till its lowest point. From there on the sun orbits in a rising motion untill the sun reaches his highest point, from were the descending motion begins. If you may wonder what happened to the other half of the sun, the half that got blasted into outer space? You see them on clear, dark night. You make wishes if one has a tail. Yes ... stars, reflecting sunlight. If one has a tail, it just got bounced of of another star, crashing through hydrogen, creating a tail of water. Just like an airplane in a blue sky.  


Eternal energy. 

The list of ingredients for generating home made electrical energy includes one wooden box, one bar of sulfur ore, one mini ventilator and some cable. Solder the copper wire in the cable to the bar of sulfur ore and connect the other end to a multiple socket. Drill two holes on opposite sites in the box and a small opening for the cable to come out. Place the sulfur ore bar inside the box and close the lit (it should be sealed tight). Plug the mini ventilator into the multiple socket that is connected to the sulfur ore bar. There you go. Now you can plug in anything you want and it will light up, play or make coffee. Unfortunally, there is one catch: this experiment can only be done if you can lay your hands on the silver metal that is better known  as .. uranium. Uranium is charges by nature by friction with oxygen. Rubbing and brushing with oxygen is the only way one can generate electrical energy. It can be done with other metals, but uranium or sulfur ore is far more effective, and more important everlasting. Sulfur ore can endlessly be charged and decharged, an advantage that no other way of genarating electrical energy has. 

Engineers and scientists developed lots of ideas to generate electrical energy, but they all have one catch: they all use a generator and what is it that a generator needs to operate? Electricity. It needs 220 volts to generate ... 220 volts. It needs just as much power to generate power as what it supposed to generate. Nuclear energy, geothermic energy, solar panels and windmills, they all need a generator. But how can the experiment be more effective, producing electricity around the world, for every home and company? Not that much differend. Build a concrete building that measures 12 cubic metres, double isolated walls, and place eight cells of sulfur ore inside. Connect each sulfur ore bar that makes up one cell to a cable. That should leave you eight outgoing cables. Make one hole in the wall and insert a ventilator inside the hole. Turn on the ventilator and the party can begin. The first bit of energy is what nature has charged into the sulfur ore bars, the rest will be generated eternally. In a building next to the main building is were the main machinery of the ventilator should find a place. Best is to use two, so one can be shut of in favour of maintenance or replacement, were the other ventilator can refresh the oxygen around the sulfur ore cells, and vice versa. Oxygen is at its most effective when it is pure and clelan. But what about radioactivity, you rightly ask. As i meantioned before, sulfur ore is charged with electrical energy by nature. That is the radioactivity. Scientists did not know what it was, thought it might be dangerous, so they kept it locked in wooden boxes, now waiting to give us eternal energy.