The origin of everything 

Homo Sapien


Twenty million years ago every form of life as we know it today began their own journey. At that time life was mainly surviving. Surviving is what life drives. In every corner of this planet, in every corner of the universe, surviving is the main energy. Even giving up a life is surviving.              Humans do not differ. Because we are an animal. We do not differ from a monkey, a rhino or a snake. We are just a different form of life, but we behave as any other creature. Twenty million years ago we fought wildlife and the weather conditions. Seaking shelter in a cave when rain, hail, thunder and lighting were a threat. Fleeing when an animal bigger than us wanted us for dinner.                                                                              In our strive to survive humans used three strategies: Freezing like a deer in the headlights. If i don't move they can't see me. Why? Because in those days every form of life had a black and white vision. Just like the silent movies with Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton. When you observe the world in black and white and shades of grey, your vision lacks depth. Shades of grey has the tendency to blend. Light grey over light grey is hardly visible, even if the tones might differ to some level. That is one of the reasons why we still sleep at night. Darkness doesn't reveal grey in any shade, and besides, you can only catch a prey when you see it. That lead us to the conclusion that if we can't see prey in the dark, than it is almost a certain that wildlife can't see us either, wich meant that nighttime was most save to sleep. Fighting if the chance that you could win was more than certain and fleeing if it the odds were against you.                                                                                                                  Reproduction was, and basically is, a form of surviving. As long as you produce new generations the existence of your specie, weather you're a human or snail or a flower will be guaranteed. It's just a matter getting old enough, read: survive, to breed, and to help the young getting mature enough to breed on their own. Passing on what you were thought, what you learned and be asured that there will be generations to come, when your time has come.    




A human perceives the world around him with all of his senses. Eyes, ears, smell, taste and feelings. He feels with his skin and his body. Except his head and neck. The nerval system runs all through the body, in your shoulders, your breast, your hips, knees and even in your little toe, every second of the day. That's a lot of data to process. It's the key reason why we are out of balance, afraid and in pain.                                                In the days of the cavemen and the apemen scanning the world around him was all a human did. All of his senses were used. To scan a possible threat before it could do harm. Do you laugh when a dog is afraid of a sketchy looking bag? When humans were still cavemen and they would've found a sketchy looking bag, they would've been scared for it too. Because they were animals, just like your dog is. But why are we afraid?            Humans are afraid of what he doesn't know or doesn't understand. Guess what? If a human scans the world around him, to protect himself, it will cause a massive amound of incoming data, and most of it remains unknown or not understood. Of course, what his eyes see is clear, it is what it is and nothing else. But if a human doesn't know what it is, it will scare him. Until proven otherwise. Just like a dog with a sketchy bag. Closing in with caution, snooping and observing, and if it has no teeth or sharp claws it's save. Than a dog will piss on it to move on.                                    Nowadays we encounter a new form of threat that scares us; emotions. How to cope with that if you only have three stategies? Freezing doesn't help much, fleeing won't do a thing and how to fight what lives inside you? That's the ground problem of all problems. Feelings are still a blur for humans, it remains unknown and thus not understood. But it can be done.